Expert Technology Planning

Mirliton will help you align your technology goals with your business goals and secure your data and networks.

Mirliton provides innovative solutions and planning services to solve a diversity of mission and business problems.

Our experts, representing a wide range of technical disciplines, leverage industry-leading practices in program and project management and have supported a list of governmental, commercial, industrial and educational organizations.

We provide insight and advice to clients concerning tradeoffs and opportunities available for making prudent investments in technology to meet the demands of their customers and constituents.

Plan for the future.


Project Management

Strategic Planning

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Gap Analysis


Policies and Procedures

The Mirliton team have extensive experience review, analysis and planning for small to large scale companies and organizations, including:

  • Personnel and Position Evaluation
  • Process Flow
  • System Integration
  • Short and Long-term Planning
  • Time-Loss Analysis

We help clients maximize the value of their technical investments through the design, development, and deployment.